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A brief bio of my roofing career –


In 1971, I began a four-year apprenticeship with a long established union roofing contractor in the Washington, D.C. area.  The company focused predominantly on traditional slate and tile roofing and flashing for high-end residential and commercial projects.  Looking back through the years, the roofing mechanics I trained under were truly gifted craftsmen.


Following my apprenticeship, I struck out on my own in 1975.  In the beginning, I had a beat up pick-up truck, a few ladders, my hand tools, a helper, and, lots of energy and drive.  Soon, I graduated to a new truck, my own workshop, and a few more quality driven men.  Continuing on this path for the next 25 years, we picked up many of the associated skills that align with roofing.  Building envelope flashing systems, above grade waterproofing, membrane roofing, custom sky lighting and guttering systems, snow guard and snow rail systems, skilled service work, and our own Silver Spring based shop allowing for sheet metal fabrication and more.



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